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ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System

Often is the ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System, both technical and commercial, compared with fully jacketed piping or with tube traced systems.

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Exponential Thermal Systems

ThermEx International NV, a Belgian based company, and their European principals, manufactures and supplies the ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System for all kind of piping, vessels and tanks maintaining the required process temperature enabling melt-out requirements.

Our scope of supply includes the design, engineering , manufacturing, supply and site-supervision of our ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System.


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Based on received information like : process data, material take off lists, eventual Isometric drawings, a thermal analyses is performed to determine the quantity of elements needed to guarantee the specified temperature range. This is normally done during front end engineering and design phase.


Detail engineering and thermal calculations based on final process data and isometric drawings at order award phase.


Prefabrication in our shop of all TE -elements or TE- panels , individually pressure tested and tagged


All prefabricated TE elements or TE panels: 10 barg - 260⁰C, higher rating is available on request.

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ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System

The ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System is used in several piping applications to keep the process flowing, to prevent vapor condensation on the pipe wall, and heating-up or cool-down the process.

The ThermEx Thermal Maintenance System is used as external heating system on vessels, drums and tanks in cases where contamination from internal coil leaks cannot be tolerated and/or the wall temperature uniformity is critical to prevent condensation and corrosion.

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